Access Opportunities

African Renaissance is Global Africa Investment’s platform designed to create unparalleled access for those keen to explore the vast riches and heritage of Africa. Our Members will have the unrivalled opportunity to experience Africa in a very unique manner. For those interested in the very rich and diverse culture of Africa, Greenland cultural initiative will provide such an opportunity whilst it’s educational programme creates the hub for exchange programmes and capacity development.

There evidently is no land in the whole world that offers the vast investment opportunities Africa does; Global Africa Investment’s gateway is set to be opened up for huge investment opportunities already awaiting very serious investors. We are equally excited at the prospects of collaboration vis a vis the huge Tourism and Hospitality potential in Africa. Finally, the story of Africa cannot be told without a powerful media platform. Our media partners, 1STVIEW TV are about to unfold the untold stories of Africa in the most inspiring manner. Stay tuned….